21.04.2021 Blog, Main

If contemporaneity can be critically understood as a category of historical time where different identities, modes of life, forces, factions, and times are forced to coexist under the same imperative of globalisation and its forced subjective unidimensionality, then Sandra’s work is to be critically understood as a working-through of the implications of this contemporaneity. 

She approaches with apparent endless supplies the contradictions in the subjects of memory, society, love, sex, sacrifice, freedom (and unfreedom), and, in my opinion the ‘punto forte’ of her work, the very contemporary question of identity and identities, a concern present throughout her work and often displayed as an active competition, the utopic prize of which is of course full emergence, either within society across multiple subjects, or indeed more predominantly, within the space of a singular subjectivity – in many cases that of the artist herself. 

Her work is endlessly allegorical and a delight equally as art proper, and as a semiotic, psychological, or sociological analysis. 

Norbert Hajas, Art Historian

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