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17.07.2023 Blog

Argentum (click here to see more)

13.07.2023 Blog

The intricate workings of our memory, how they unfold, are a marvel to behold. Like a painter’s brush upon the canvas, our minds create vivid portraits of our lives – the echoes of voices, the visages of faces, the tapestry of events. It captures our essence, our perceptions, our thoughts. It is a curious phenomenon, for some among us retain memories of our very infancy, from a tender age of one or even earlier, while others find conscious recollections awakeningRead next

Round trip) (click here to see more)

In the beginning was the canvas and the canvas was blank… And artist said, “Let there be colour,” and there was colour…

Work changes through years…(click here to see more)

13.06.2023 Blog

2008 2020

Diagnosis // pastel on cardboard, 50x70cm

When I became a mother…(click here to see more)

08.06.2023 Blog

When I became a mother, I realized that for me this was the main mission, purpose, meaning of life. I realized that my life would continue in my children and in their children. In memory, emotion, character, and even in bodies, literally physically.  But if a mother is an artist, then those around her. can be wished for patience and compassion. I wanted to write about motherhood, love for children, but here I can’t do without talking about art, althoughRead next

Creative in progress

29.05.2023 Blog
Booger // pastel on color cardboard, 50x70cm

Some of my new pastels (click here to see more)

28.05.2023 Blog

Booger // pastel on color cardboard, 50x70cm Wisdom // pastel on color cardboard, 50x70cm

My tenderness // acrylic on canvas, 80x120cm

My tenderness // acrylic on canvas, 80x120cm

25.05.2023 Blog
Touch // pastel on cardboard, 64x85cm

Some old works

21.05.2023 Blog

Is there a reflection of his gaze?

20.05.2023 Blog

Yes. It is your gaze that, reflected by the canvas, begins to look into itself.

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