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In the beginning was the canvas and the canvas was blank… And artist said, “Let there be colour,” and there was colour…

Snowstorm // acrylic on canvas, 120x130cm


19.03.2023 Blog, Main

“The days of man are like the grass; like the flower of the field he blossoms. The wind shall pass over him, and he shall vanish, and his place shall know him no more…” (Psalm 102:15,16)

Before the start working

16.03.2023 Blog, Main


Heroes of our time (series) // acrylic on canvas, 100x70cm


14.03.2023 Blog, Main

We. We crawl up the ladder as best we can. Clinging tightly to its woody flesh. Suddenly someone stops. For him the ladder becomes the frame of a window through which one looks at death.Death metal flies across the sky.We saw the sky when we took our eyes off the stairs, managed to lift our heads and look up. We heard the words «peaceful sky». One man, who had been a soldier in the past, used to tell us thatRead next

Start working in a new place

13.03.2023 Blog, Main

SO! Im ready to make great!

Take a part of EuropArtFair, Amsterdam 2022

13.03.2023 Blog, Main


21.04.2021 Blog, Main

If contemporaneity can be critically understood as a category of historical time where different identities, modes of life, forces, factions, and times are forced to coexist under the same imperative of globalisation and its forced subjective unidimensionality, then Sandra’s work is to be critically understood as a working-through of the implications of this contemporaneity.  She approaches with apparent endless supplies the contradictions in the subjects of memory, society, love, sex, sacrifice, freedom (and unfreedom), and, in my opinion the ‘puntoRead next

Love yourself // cardboard, pastel, 50x70cm

I do not force body-positive) people to love, I urge you to love yourself

31.03.2021 Blog, Main

This graphic plane did not arise from a dream… it sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, but it is most likely about the problems, experiences and other day of the female consciousness, which is difficult to put on the rails of a fabulous atmosphere. This is not a built-in refined story with a good ending … maybe some of these ideas will seem crazy, but for me this is a normal working method that appears not exactly inRead next

Or // Cardboard, pastel, 70x50cm


04.01.2021 Blog, Main

I was taught that a woman should be able to do everything and be everything!In our world, a woman will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house …And when she gets bored with everything, she sharpens pencils sharply and tears paper with them!

Faces // Cardboard, pastel, 50x70cm


15.12.2020 Blog, Main

Each artist gazes intently into the faces of his contemporaries. In their eyes, the artist sees joy and suffering, doubt and determination. The composition “Faces” was created in the spirit of expressionism. A close-up of a face-mask. It is molded with red, blue, green and white spots with black stripes. The background is also organized by intense color spots on which faces and fragments of bodies are inscribed. The archaism of forms, combined with abstract picturesqueness, make up the peculiarityRead next

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