The shameful moon // acrylic on canvas, D50 cm

The shameful moon // acrylic on canvas, D50 cm

06.05.2023 Blog

Working process

05.05.2023 Blog

On the route again)

28.04.2023 Blog

New work like a new journey, never know what is waiting for at the end …

180 seconds // acrylic on canvas, 50x100 cm

180 seconds  // acrylic on canvas, 50×100 cm

28.04.2023 Blog

The space on my canvas is like a construction kit. You can “put the kit together” if you don’t do it on one level, but if you fall into the multidimensional space of yourself (if, of course, there is a space to “fall” into): if you stop thinking in rational terms.  For me, it is also important that when the viewer looks at my canvas, they feel that the canvas is also looking back at them.

Scold's bridle // acrylic on canvas, 200x100cm

Scold’s bridle // acrylic on canvas, 200x100cm (click here for see more)

20.04.2023 Blog

Scold’s bridle – a mask of shame. Iron bars woven into a «cage». This device was used in the Middle Ages and Modern times in Europe, it was put on a woman as punishment for excessive talkativeness, swearing, arguments. Sometimes such masks had a metal gag that would wound the tongue when attempting to speak. But in most cases there was none, for the main aspect of punishment was the publicity of denunciation, shame. Such a mask might, for example,Read next

Reminiscence about sakura // acrylic on canvas, 80x120 cm

Reminiscence about sakura

09.04.2023 Blog

Sakura is a symbol of beautiful love, loyalty, willingness to sacrifice themselves for the beloved… It’s a pity that the stock of human love is never eternal, just like cherry blossoms 🌸

Snowstorm // acrylic on canvas, 120x130cm


19.03.2023 Blog, Main

“The days of man are like the grass; like the flower of the field he blossoms. The wind shall pass over him, and he shall vanish, and his place shall know him no more…” (Psalm 102:15,16)

Before the start working

16.03.2023 Blog, Main


Heroes of our time (series) // acrylic on canvas, 100x70cm


14.03.2023 Blog, Main

We. We crawl up the ladder as best we can. Clinging tightly to its woody flesh. Suddenly someone stops. For him the ladder becomes the frame of a window through which one looks at death.Death metal flies across the sky.We saw the sky when we took our eyes off the stairs, managed to lift our heads and look up. We heard the words «peaceful sky». One man, who had been a soldier in the past, used to tell us thatRead next

Start working in a new place

13.03.2023 Blog, Main

SO! Im ready to make great!

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