Or // Cardboard, pastel, 70x50cm


04.01.2021 Blog, Main

I was taught that a woman should be able to do everything and be everything!In our world, a woman will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house …And when she gets bored with everything, she sharpens pencils sharply and tears paper with them!

Connection // Cardboard, pastel, 50x70cm


15.12.2020 Blog
Faces // Cardboard, pastel, 50x70cm


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Each artist gazes intently into the faces of his contemporaries. In their eyes, the artist sees joy and suffering, doubt and determination. The composition “Faces” was created in the spirit of expressionism. A close-up of a face-mask. It is molded with red, blue, green and white spots with black stripes. The background is also organized by intense color spots on which faces and fragments of bodies are inscribed. The archaism of forms, combined with abstract picturesqueness, make up the peculiarityRead next

Dream from Thursday to Friday

14.11.2020 Blog, Main

Surrealism is pure psychic automatism, aiming to express, either orally, or in writing, or in any other way, the real functioning of thought. The dictation of thought is beyond any control on the part of the mind, beyond any aesthetic and moral considerations. Andre Breton

Protest // Cardboard, color pencils, 70x50cm


23.10.2020 Blog, Main

This graphic image is drawn on a thin sheet of coated paper, where the collage simply patched up holes and modeled further space, trying to extend the life of the paper.Paper can be compared to a person, and a stroke and a wave of a pen can be compared to emotion. Light, windy, sonorous, but at the same time repulsed by its pricklyness and its vision of what is happening.How deep not to fall, but if you know that thereRead next

Charity // Cardboard, pastel, 50x70cm


23.10.2020 Blog
Hope // Cardboard, pastel, 100x80cm


15.09.2020 Blog, Main

In life, a person has to overcome difficulties of various kinds – moral, physical. And often helps to overcome their hope, the state when the person himself must find inner support for himself. It can be faith in God or one’s own strength. At the moment of such internal tension, a character is depicted in the composition “Hope”. The emaciated male body is prostrate in its central part. There are creatures and objects that have symbolic overtones around with denseRead next

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